Bachelor Degree Program of Art and Cultural Creation, CEBA program, Fu Jen University, was founded by the College of Art, Fu Jen Catholic University. The program provides students to receive Bachelor degree from CEBA program. The enrollment began in 2010.   

    This program integrates the development and circumstance of the country. Also the program strengthens the relationship with industries by forming the alliance with them, and is holding various cultural and creative exhibitions, and is aggressively endeavoring to seek academic opportunities to communicate with other partners from worldwide. We also cooperate with schools from worldwide. Students can receive their Joint Dual-degree from Queensland University of Technology and Fu Jen Catholic University. Our program is the only one providing Joint Dual-degree in CEBA program of Fu Jen Catholic University.

    The program works in coordination with College of Art to hold exhibitions; and provide opportunities for students to learn how to plan and organize an exhibition. We are also planning to work with industries and departments from the campus, providing more chances for students to practice what they have learned from the program. By providing such chances for students, we are on the way of our aim to train professionals in the field of art and cultural creation. At the same time, we also achieve our objectives of teaching, to practice teaching notion of College of Art, which is “life with creation and aesthetic”. These two fulfill what our goal of holistic education, well realizing people, things, and god.